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2012 update

Its been a while since I wrote anything new here (as some of you have pointed out to me!).  Most of my writing and creating has gone on the  Inspirational Image of the week.   The last couple of years has been very tough going in many ways, with over a year of strange illness, accompanied over the last 2-3 years by an astonishing rise in my energetic sensitivity.  I have also been clearing lifetimes of accumulated ‘energetic gunk’ as stuff arises.  This is obviously my path, but not an easy one to go through!  I seem to be learning some useful techniques as I go…

Those of you who are sensitive will know what I am talking about, being so sensitive to thoughts, vibrations, and all the changes occurring on our planet.   Much of this change comes in the form of the Earth’s electromagnetic field changing in response to changes coming from the sun.  These can be very, very strong and can completely knock us out.

On this website I have mostly kept my personal experience out of what I have written, but  I shall be preparing a set of articles on this and I am considering creating a workshop on ‘energetic strategies to get you through’.  In the meantime, I can thoroughly recommend the work of Master Dowser Michele Fitzgerald (in Sedona, USA) and the teachings of Drunvalo Melchizedek.   Travelling to Sedona during May 2011 was an interesting (and challenging!) experience on many levels.  Drunvalo’s teaching on ‘Living in the Heart’ is an amazing work, one that is still very much in progress for me.

The soundwork is still there, in fact it grows in strength and I continue to be amazed at the sounds which sometimes come out of me!


Updating website

A new year … and a new website template.

I’ve nearly finished updating the site, but the main structure is in place.  Over a year ago I had to change server and many aspects of the site were no longer working after the transfer, so its been a much-needed job!

The shop is now in place where you can purchase my CD ‘Transcendence‘ (and I’m working on a few new things too), and I’ve reloaded all of the sound samples so they work again.

I’m also working on some new content to come soon.

I hope you enjoy it and find the site useful!


Transcendence on Amazon

Transcendence CDMy CD ‘Transcendence’ is now available on Amazon (UK).

I continue to be in awe at the feedback I receive about this CD and the effect it can have.  Many people using it during Reiki or other treatments report that it feels like having an extra presence helping out.

Of course, you can still purchase it from my store, or in the USA from CDBABY


Spirit of Nature Calendar

front cover calendar 2012Thanks to all those who purchased the “Spirit of Nature” Calendar over the last few years and who have given me such great feedback.  Its an excellent ‘desktop vibrational uplifting tool’!

“I missed last year’s and definitely don’t want to miss this next issue!”
– Angela, last year!!