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Spirit of Nature Calendar

front cover calendar 2012Thanks to all those who purchased the “Spirit of Nature” Calendar over the last few years and who have given me such great feedback.  Its an excellent ‘desktop vibrational uplifting tool’!

“I missed last year’s and definitely don’t want to miss this next issue!”
– Angela, last year!!

One Response to Spirit of Nature Calendar

  1. Ann Carolan says:

    Try again ! My preferred form of Calendar is A3 size, with a picture on top & a month’s worth of boxes underneath. Have bought similar desktop / Cd box size Calendar in the past & have found them useless. Something to do with my visual / spatial sense. I need the month laid out before me to help me organise my time. Any chance that you could produce your Calendar in this style? Probably too late for this year but would you bear in mind for next.
    Thanks for all the wonderful images & quotes

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