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September Sound Afternoon

I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be leading an afternoon of sounding, at ‘The Psychic Cafe‘ in Holytown.  Its on Sunday 23rd September 2012, from 2pm – 6pm, and the cost will be £30.

Places are very limited, and must be booked in advance with Lorraine at The Psychic Cafe, on 07843720343

Sound is a wonderful tool for resonating  the body and energy field, powerfully shifting blockages and energising our whole being.

During the afternoon, we will:

  • Learn simple sounds for working with your chakras
  • Immerse ourselves in a group sounding
  • Experience the wonderful power of healing sound!

One Response to September Sound Afternoon

  1. Gill Thomson says:

    I realy felt the need to thank you again for an amazing afternoon at the Psychic Cafe.
    As you know, I am new to the concept of sound healing and I immediately felt the benefit of your session. The people who attended were all lovely and I felt very welcome.
    Your music and extrem talent was so impressive and inspiring. The CD has been playing in my house. When my children have been playing, instead of running around, they tend to sit and draw ! More importantly whenever I can grab some time to myself it is a wonderful sound to slow down to, relax and feel grounded. It has become a daily routine to listen to your music whether its on in the back ground or just for me.

    Thanks again Neil, I hope to see you again.

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