Sound Healing Event Edinburgh

INDIGENOUS PEOPLE FUNDRAISING EVENTS: held by THE PLANETARY HEALING CENTRE Sun 25th Feb 2018: Sacred Sound Healing – at Old Saint Paul’s Hall, Edinburgh (just up from Waverley Station) I am delighted to be be participating in this fundraising event organised and supported by Mark Halliday and Claudia Goncalves of the Planetary Healing Centre, Portobello, read more ›


Sound, Healing, and Energetics

Energetic sensitivity can make life very hard and painful: it also gives us the tools we need to manage ourselves better, and to contribute to raising consciousness.  Sound is just one of these tools: a very profound and effective one.  It’s where I started, and as I have grown over these last few years I read more ›


Stars, Stones, & the Sound of Peace

A Senzar Learning Adventure Stars, Stones, & The Sound of Peace Saturday, May 18, 2013 Join master dowser Michele Fitzgerald and sound healing expert Neil Wakeling for a day and evening of fun, exploration, learning, and transcendence in the Scottish Highlands. Michele Fitzgerald has been researching the subtle energy dynamics at megalithic sites in Ireland read more ›


Energetics and sensitivity

Most of my writing and creating recently has gone on the  Inspirational Image of the week.   The last couple of years has been very tough going in many ways, with over a year of strange illness, accompanied over the last 2-3 years by an astonishing rise in my energetic sensitivity.  I have also been read more ›

sound healing

Transcendent Dying

Anna Gosling writes: “As an 11th-hour hospice volunteer, it’s my job to ensure hospice patients die with as much peace as possible. I use Reiki, Shamanic journeying, meditation, prayer, readings, and guided visualizations to do so. But most important of all, I use music – not just any music. I choose music that helps the soul free itself from the body, music that helps move a dying person from a state of anxiety or fear of death to acceptance, music that helps relax a dying person so that she can release herself to death in a state of serenity. And one of the CDs I use is Neil Wakeling’s Transcendence.”



Music to take you on a journey beyond self – wonderful to relax and visualise to. Original music also featuring resonant harmonic vocals. “taking you on a journey beyond self, being relaxed, grounded and energised, bringing a shift in energy and awareness.