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Sound Healing Sessions by phone…

Vibrational healing knows no physical boundaries – all is one connected energy. I now offer sound healing sessions by phone as I find I can tune in very well this way.

This is not like a psychic reading, this is a healing session, so we’ll probably spend some time talking before I tune in (although this does not have to be necessary – you do not have to tell me the issue – the sound and energy will always work its magic). I’m a quick worker, the sound current guides me into whatever needs to move! This is very deep and powerful work. Typically a session will last around 45 minutes although it may be more beneficial sometimes to have 2 or more shorter sessions, priced accordingly.

Healing sessions cost £40.
Please phone first on 01479 811859 to arrange a convenient time for your session. Payment may be made in advance by paypal transfer or by cheque.

2 Responses to Phone Sessions

  1. Colin says:

    “I found Neil’s telephone healing techniques very helpful. It assisted my recovery from a chronic physical condition which had been prevalent for over a year. Neil’s ability to relax me and use the stimulation of sound proved beneficial to my recovery from this problem. His use of sound and vibration and his manner were very thorough and professional and helped me greatly.” – Colin, Liverpool

  2. Katie says:

    Neil is a very intuitive person who I trust when it comes to his healing abilities. I would not have believed the power of sound healing had I not experienced it first hand.
    Wow, amazing, incredible are just some of the words to describe how powerful it is. I am sure you too will be amazed at the result. Katie, Glasgow

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