Sound Intentions

Sound ~ Healing ~ Transformation


Clava Cairns – Midwinter Solstice

Playing didge at Clava Cairns near Inverness, at sunset on the midwinter solstice (21st Dec 2007) – part of the Worldwide Didge Meditation.

The setting sun shines down the entrance passageway and illuminates the back wall of the chamber. Originally the passageway and chamber was roofed which would have created an incredible experience.

This year we had an incredible day of blue sky and not a cloud in sight – an unusual occurrence for us. It was -10C, so the inbreaths of my playing may be a little sharp!

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Summer Solstice 2007

summer solstice 2007After an afternoon of tremendous thunder, lightning and torrents of rain, the evening cleared somewhat (ie it wasn’t actively raining…) and a few of us walked out an hour to the local stone circle (ring cairn) for a spot of didgeridoo to mark the solstice. Truth be told there wasn’t any sun to see setting, but we knew it was over there somewhere… and played anyway. Read More