Sound, Energetics and Conscious Growth

Energetic sensitivity can make life very hard and painful: it also gives us the tools we need to manage ourselves better, and to contribute to raising consciousness.  Sound is just one of these tools, a very profound and effective one.  It’s where I started, and as I have grown over these last few years I have learned  many methods for identifying, managing and shifting energetic issues.  Sound is simply the most natural way for me to move energy.

We live in a ‘soup’ of energy interactions, a myriad of things affecting us in every moment: from the people around us and our local environment, to the wider environment including unseen realms – spirit beings, entities, aliens and space energies.  Then there are our conscious and subconscious beliefs and programs, and past life issues.

The more conscious we become of ourselves, the more we can manage the impact these sources have on us and on our health.

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Transendence Download

My CD is now available to download on Bandcamp. I continue to receive great feedback on the effects this music has.

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