Stars, Stones, & the Sound of Peace


A Senzar Learning Adventure
Stars, Stones, & The Sound of Peace

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Join master dowser Michele Fitzgerald and sound healing expert
Neil Wakeling for a day and evening of fun, exploration, learning,
and transcendence in the Scottish Highlands.

Michele Fitzgerald has been researching the subtle energy dynamics at megalithic sites in Ireland and Scotland for the past 16 years.  She believes that the ancient engineers who built the chambered cairns and stone circles of the early Bronze Age and Neolithic periods had extraordinary knowledge of the subtle energy realm and that their structures were designed to actively interface with the intelligences of Nature, particularly star intelligences.

Communing with the Stars at Clava:

Many sites around the globe are still facilitating star communication, including the 4,000 year old
Balnuaran of Clava near Inverness in the Scottish Highlands.   One of the profound outcomes of these ongoing star chats is the creation of the tone of perfect peace.   This tone is heard with the heart and has many amazing effects, including the instant stilling of the mind, the full opening of the heart, the accelerated awakening of intuitive abilities, and more.  Your Senzar learning adventure on May 18th will begin at Clava, where Michele will help you tune to the perfect peace that permeates this place, show you how to connect with the resident star intelligences, and how to align with your personal Soul Star.

Tuning to the Peace Within:

Neil Wakeling was born in the Highlands and has been mingling with the subtle energies at Clava and related sites for decades.   As an expert in sound healing and an electronics engineer with an MSC in Music Technology, he has a special appreciation for the tonal qualities of these amazing places. He will join us at Clava for our tunings there, and later lead a sound healing workshop where you will learn to use vocal toning to balance your chakra system and stay centered in perfect peace.

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