“Toning is an activity that releases and allows the natural flow of energy to move through one’s body” – Tuning the Human Instrument by Steven Halpern.

Toning is simply allowing whatever sound is inside you to express itself. Whether toning yourself or someone else, the key is listening. Toning is an incredible journey, expressing long held emotions as healing energies flow.

Toning can be done by yourself or in a group, whatever the situation. Tone to release, but also to express joy! Toning in a group out in nature can be a wonderful, harmonious experience.

Start in silence, then whatever sound starts – let it come! Let there be no judgement whatsoever. It may be a long stretched out vowel sound or a groan. Tone for as long as you need, then return to silent awareness.

One method (from Tuning the Blues to Gold by Vicki Dodd  (- Amazon link), is to start with a Hum. Repeat your name over and over at your normal speaking pitch, then let it become a hum, imagine it spiralling around your vocal cavities and head. Let the hum become a tone / groan / sound and follow wherever it goes. Return to the hum at any time, restoring you to yourself. The hum is a “safe ground” to come back to.

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