Sound Intentions

Sound ~ Healing ~ Transformation


Toning & The Language of Light

It often seems that we are toning and talking in a kind of language which spontaneously arises. If you think about it – it doesn’t work, yet in allowing it one may pick up ideas about meaning. Here are some thoughts which came to me as I considered what this language may mean:

These words, this language, is truth “above and below the level of ordinary language” – slipping past our concious filters to allow us a glimpse, a feeling, of a deeper meaning which becomes clearer. Like the sculptor revealing the hidden form, or a shape appearing through the mist – the sun comes out and suddenly, we are revealed.

Conciousness carries on this sound (whether we are aware of it or not), imprinting within us, our structure, our community-vibration. This sound, this language, is a transformer which, as you allow it, will carry you more & more towards the reality of who you really are. Your Home language, Star language. Soul speaks directly to soul – and your bodies respond! With a shiver, an energy, a knowing, inner feeling. In the Garden of the Soul, we tend you with Our language. Our language of Love. This is but a small expression of the “Language of Light”.

There have always been “Words of power” – you learn to create through your intent allied with these words. However, these words (the Language of Light) are an authentic pwer – they cannot be forced, but arise spontaneously, carrying within their wellspring of source energy – finetuned to that moment (NOW!). The finest expression of “now-ness”. Your reality is informed – and changes.

You will learn that this language allies with pure intent of love, healing, growth.

More on the “language of light”:


Om Ah Hum

My personal experience of working recently with this mantra:

The All-encompassing expression (OM)
of the flowering love (AH)
This Divine seed at the heart of me (HUM)

I sound this, standing, in one breath with the sound gradually changing (but don’t obsess about this – it should be comfortable so sound in three breaths if you wish). Starting with hands raised above the head (OM), palms together, bringing the hands down to the throat and heart (hands in western prayer position to coincide with the AH sound), then as the hands move down towards the navel from the heart, flattening out so only the fingertips touch (HUM).

Feel the intensity of this vibration, sounding the INTENT of love, joy, health, vitality, of Divine Will, to be expressed through our DNA, the matrix which shapes our reality.