Born in the Highlands of Scotland Neil Wakeling has been playing with music and sound since his earliest memories. As well as being a successful and talented musician he is an electronics engineer with an MSC in Music Technology.

He is gifted with a wonderful power of creativity and a deep understanding of the science of sound. This unique combination can be heard distinctly in his music.

Working with a group, Arran

The focus and aim of Neil’s music is transcendence beyond ourselves. He does this through the use of the sounds of nature combined with electronic composition based on his knowledge of vibrational healing.

Neil has composed a number of albums including soundtrack work for television. He organises healing sound workshops and works one to one as a vibrational sound healer.

Skype/Zoom/phone energetic healing sessions are available.

Neil is also a photographer of  ‘Images of Nature, Spirit and Place’,  – view the latest at www.inspirationalimage.co.uk

“As I compose each photo I’m aware of the subtle energies in Nature, the feeling of the place, and this comes through in the photograph. Certainly, many people have picked up on the energies and vibrational quality in my photos. Prints and cards of my photos are used as vibrational healing tools.”

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  1. I just want to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, Neil!

    I find your emails so very serious and fantastic and I hope you continue forever. Thank you very much!

    Love from Ingvor in Sweden.

  2. Thanks Neil,
    I have had a wonderful afternoon in your website…..such lovely things to hear and see
    I shall be back to continue the joy of it all
    great admiration

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