The Magical Voice: Toning and Transformation

If you never searched for truth

come with us

and you will become a seeker

If you were never a musician

come with us

and you will find your voice

Rumi (Hidden Music)

My workshops previously focussed entirely on vocal toning, harmonics, and the use of the voice in healing. Although these techniques are still at the core of what I do, I have learned many methods for identifying, managing and shifting energetic issues as I have developed. These methods are applicable for any situation, working with people, animals, the land, elementals, other levels of being. However, it is not simply a matter of learning a technique. Our task as humans is to clear our energies, to raise vibration, so that we can become more effective in changing consciousness here on Earth. I am working on developing new ideas for how to teach and share.

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Come and experience the most amazing instrument of all – the Human voice.  Topics can be arranged from:

  • Sounding for Health
  • Sound Journeys
  • Shifting Energy with sound and intention
  • Energetic sensitivity – and how to handle it
  • Vocal Harmonic Techniques (Overtoning)
  • Chant and Mantra
  • Group Toning
  • The Science of sound
  • Tuning Forks & Tibetan Bowls
  • Didgeridoo Journey & Instruction

Events & Workshops

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