Sounding Another

A technique to resonate and balance another, as taught by Saruah Smith

As always with any healing practice you must be feeling well, grounded and energetically clear yourself before commencing.  Its essential you have a regular (daily) self-practice, monitoring and maintaining your own energy.  All healing comes through being in your heart.  Make sure you have their permission before working on them, including permission from their Higher Self.  Always ask for what is best for the highest good.

Its important that you and your subject both be physically comfortable, I find it best with them sitting sideways in a chair so I can access front and back easily.  Ground yourself deep into the earth, and connect up through your crown.  Focus your intention for healing.

I usually tone in conjunction with other methods (muscle testing) so as to ascertain what is required.

What I was taught:
Start toning a high frequency at the persons crown, scanning their aura, and move down the chakras ending on a low note at the base. Use the vowel sounds as you go. Then reverse and start going up again from low to high pitch, noticing any loud harmonics that suddenly “pop out”, or where your voice breaks. This is an area that needs healing sound, so stay on that frequency, toning light into that area from your heart.

What I do in practice:
As you become more experienced and intuitive you will just naturally make the sounds that are required in that moment for that person; you will be immediately drawn to the areas where the sound is needed most, without thinking about it.  It doesn’t have to be a strong tone, it may be sighing, burbling, talking, chanting, the noise of the sea – whatever comes!

The key is sensitive listening – its the interaction between your sound and their energy system; you are listening out for the minutest subtleties all of the time, and adjusting what you do in response.

Never force it.  The sound will travel through the person’s body to wherever it is needed – this is not always the area where you are toning. You will know when have done enough. It is a good idea for you and the person to drink water after this.

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