Sound Healing

My intention is that we restore harmony to ourselves and the planet by realising our inherent inner harmony. You do not need musical instruments or training. You already have the most amazing instrument of all, the human voice.

One dictionary definition of healing is: To Make Sound.

I suggest we should take this literally! Sound provides a focus to meditation, healing and ritual. Sounding is a tool that can help us shift frequencies from the low-frequency energies of guilt and fear, to higher vibrations of love, joy and peace.

Sound Healing works on the principle that everything in the Universe is energy in vibration. Behind perceived reality is an incredible cosmic dance of interconnected energy fields. At heart we are all ONE energy.

These dancing energy fields and atoms can be pictured as being a sound vibration, even though the actual frequencies involved are way above human hearing. Sound appears to be a “shaper” that structures energy fields and brings the apparent physical Universe into Being. This view is echoed by many Creation myths:

  • In the Bible, God has the power to bring something into Being by naming it, in other words by Sounding its vibration. The first line of the Lord’s Prayer can be translated as “Oh Creator of the Sacred Sound”.
  • In the Hopi Indian creation story it is Spiderwoman who “sang a web of sound around the Earth thus bringing everything into Being”.
  • For the Hindus it is Saraswati, the goddess of Poetry, Medicine and Sacred Sound, who sang the Universe into Being.

Everything has its own particular vibration. Atoms, cells, molecules, body organs, our environment, all creating a gigantic symphony. By sounding the correct vibration, through resonance and harmonics, with a healing intention an “off-key” part of the body can be restored to balance.

As my awareness has grown, I also now pick up on the vibrations of words (or thoughtforms) held in the energy body. These may come from other people, from the collective consciousness or from other lifetimes. Once identified, these can be released.

Sound is used in many traditional cultures for healing and in ceremony. A shaman creates a trance by chanting or drumming, travelling on the sound to ‘other worlds’. Australian aboriginals map their way across the vast continent through song and chant – in a way, their song is the landscape, rather than being just a map of it. As recently as the first half of the twentieth century sacred chants for every aspect of day-to-day life and healing were written down from the native Gaelic speakers of the Western Isles of Scotland [Carmina Gadelica].

In much of the world these skills have disappeared (along with the attitude that the sacred is in everything), but now the power of sound is being rediscovered from both scientific and spiritual viewpoints.

Together let us sound a new vibration.
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16 thoughts on “Sound Healing

  1. Wonderfully written! The energy is so clear! Thanks for sharing this Neil. Those like me who are just beginning to explore the world of sound are very grateful to you for sharing your expertise!

  2. Neil,
    I realy felt the need to thank you again for an amazing afternoon at the Psychic Cafe.
    As you know, I am new to the concept of sound healing and I immediately felt the benefit of your session. The people who attended were all lovely and I felt very welcome.
    Your music and extrem talent was so impressive and inspiring. The CD has been playing in my house. When my children have been playing, instead of running around, they tend to sit and draw ! More importantly whenever I can grab some time to myself it is a wonderful sound to slow down to, relax and feel grounded. It has become a daily routine to listen to your music whether its on in the back ground or just for me.

    Thanks again Neil, I hope to see you again.

  3. I find music generally to be very beneficial for healing, and creativity. I am just starting to explore more specific sounds and frequencies. This article has been a great help.


  4. This is an interesting article. I am just starting to use Intention in my daily life and am getting extraordinary results. Can’t believe what I have been missing all these years.

    Thanks for a very informative article.

  5. !I have been trying for a long time to find my voice and it’s an up and down journey but as long as you aim to be true to yourself, it’s fun and exciting. I might be a pretty mediocre photographer yet a decent writer but the only way to learn is to do it.Many times when I look at your pictures I get the urge to buy a better camera, or get a new lens or buy a book to read to figure out the rules but then I see through that instant urge and the thought goes away. It’s not about rules or gear or what textures or actions you use, it’s all about tniyrg, experimenting and most of all to be Present in everything you do.Thank you for this inspiring post!

  6. I feel that dropping down from A=440Hz would be good for a lot of music, not just healing music! Historically A has shifted upwards as this allowed a greater volume to be produced from the strings being tighter, however the downside of this has been a loss of fine tone. I’ve seen a demonstration of this at a workshop with the great fiddle player Alasdair Fraser, where he played a piece, then dropped the strings down and played again, and it seemed far more expressive.

  7. Hello Neil

    I hope to find you well and happy. You have a real gift with “re-creational” (as in self-renewing/healing) music and it’s good that you are exploring these aspects of music/sounds.
    Best wishes for Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Peter T.

  8. Just found your wonderful site through series of synchronicities. Under great stress, and had become very disconnected from my dream, even in old age, tostudy and practice sound healing. I listened to a sample sound – and was instantly reconnected again. Massive release, and new Peace and utter Joy. Thank you so, so much. Have you ever given a workshop here in Glastonbury? with gratitude, and much respect – Jan

  9. I have received your email during a long time. I am astonished how you can keep on week after week. Thank you , thank you for your images and words!

  10. Hey, Neil:

    Really nice site. Lots of good resources and articles.

    Maybe we could feature you as part of our Sound Healing Experts Teleseminar series and Podcast!

    I’m going to put a link on my blog to this article = you’ve done a really nice job.

    Thank you.

  11. The deep understanding of wave patterns caused by vibration correlates closely with the energies that are bounced back to us from the stars and planets of our cosmos. By understanding our cosmos, I believe we are closer still to understanding vibration and human destiny.
    The more people working with this energy, the faster we will arrive at the pre-destined outcome of our planet earth, which can only be positive.
    The age of Aquarius!

  12. just as, for the Aboriginals, their song is their landscape, so also, as in Oneness, landscape can inform the sound healer’s inner landscape. I have returned to Maine, US from a 6-month stay on the wild coast of Wales. There, I walked the Preselli Hills every day, and toward the end of my stay, came upon an ancient circular mound with a large Yoni stone at the head. I spent the remaining three weeks of my stay sounding, planting flowers and meditating there…in my practice now, where I hear sounds that I then sound for my clients, I have become aware that the Lady Mound has changed me. My vibration and access as a healer is now linked to and from the Lady Mound in Pembrokeshire, Wales!! Frederica

  13. I have just joined the Sound Healers Association. As I was looking through the profiles, it came to me that those of us in this world who are working with sound are a daring and unusual group. Neil, i applaud you in how far you have taken your knowing of the power of sound healing. Thank you for the light and inspiration. Frederica

  14. Extremely interesting and thought provoking stuff Neil. Congratulations on setting this site up. I’m sure that it will be of great interest to many people. I’ve certainly enjoyed my visit, thank you. Best of luck with your endeavours.

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