Energy Egg

This visualisation will help you to remember the reality of who you are.

Once it is familiar, it can be kept in mind whilst out walking, or at work, or in any ordinary situation. As Dr. Wayne Dyer (quoting Edgar Cayce) says, “You are not a Human Being having a Spiritual Experience, you are a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience“.

First of all, remember that you are not your body! Visualise that you are an energy “egg”, composed of many luminous interweaving energies and frequencies. Your thoughts structure this energy egg, which ultimately shapes your physical body.

Now visualise / imagine the source vibration of the Universe as an all-pervasive AUM, containing many frequencies from the highest to the lowest. You may imagine hearing this sound faintly in the background, or visualise it as (light) waves of vibration that are everywhere. The AUM vibrates into your energy egg. Let it vibrate and “sing” especially where you have a knot or physical discomfort. The AUM vibrates right through you, cleansing and raising your energy egg vibrations to a higher frequency. You are SOUND!

This background vibration powers the Universe and links us all together – we are ONE!

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