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Original music with powerful resonant harmonic vocals.  This isn’t ‘New Age’ plinkety plunk, its vibrational healing music.

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MP3 version available soon for download – hang on!

Calming, flowing, and vibrant! Music to take you on a journey beyond self – wonderful to relax and visualise to. Original music with powerful resonant harmonic vocals. “taking you on a journey beyond self, being relaxed, grounded and energised, bringing a shift in energy and awareness.” [Music CD]

I continue to be in awe at the feedback I receive about this CD and the effect it can have. Many people using it during Reiki or other treatments report that it feels like having an extra presence helping out.

Also see this article by Anna Gosling and her experiences working with this CD

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3 reviews for Transcendence CD

  1. Neil Wakeling

    This CD is absolutely fabulous. The variation in music is amazing. So soothing in parts while uplifting for your soul and spirit. Definately one of the best I have heard. A must buy.
    -Paula McGowan

  2. Neil Wakeling

    From the moment you listen to “Transcendence,” your spirit will soar! The music is unbelievable. The richness and depth of the lush underlying chords, and the lightness of the beautiful pipes and toning, the FLOW of it – to me, it’s like being in heaven, hearing what heaven must sound like. From a healing perspective, when I play the CD for myself and my clients, I find that we go deeper into a peaceful healing state. It’s easier to do visualizations with this CD, journey with it, or just meditate, and allow the music to wash over you. I like to turn the bass up and play this CD at a medium-high volume, so it fills the healing space.
    – Anna Gosling

  3. Neil Wakeling

    “… excellent, really clear and alchemical…”

    “… a metamorphosis of sound. Love it! ”

    “what makes your CD special is the emphasis on the vibrational sound…”

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