Transcendence CD

Music by Neil Wakeling
Calming, flowing, and vibrant! Music to take you on a journey beyond self – wonderful to relax and visualise to. Original music with powerful resonant harmonic vocals. “…taking you on a journey beyond self, being relaxed, grounded and energised, bringing a shift in energy and awareness.”

This is powerful vibrational healing soundwork, not ‘plinkety-plunk’ New Age wallpaper.

Also see this article by Anna Gosling and her experiences working with this CD

I continue to be in awe at the feedback I receive about this CD and the effect it can have.  Many people using it during Reiki or other treatments report that it feels like having an extra presence helping out.

Purchase Options:

Directly from me (CD) or MP3
You can purchase in the USA from CDBABY
Or from Amazon (UK) but it comes from me anyway.


5 thoughts on “Transcendence

  1. I used Neil’s Transcendence CD with someone recently and they were so relaxed after the Karuna Reiki treatment that they could not move and fell asleep for a while.When they woke they were completely refreshed.The music seemed to reach deep levels in the body and resonate with the cells.It complemented the treatment wonderfully.Thank you Neil!

  2. Transcendence takes you on a beautiful inner journey where you experience a feeling of total peace and tranquility. As the vibration travels through the body it awakens the spirit resulting in equilibrium and wholeness.
    This is truly a wonderful and inspiring work of art!!

  3. WOW!!!!! Listening to your CD made me feel CONNECTED to All That Is. I’d say a more apt title is “Transcendent Connections.” Seriously, I felt transported to another realm of existence. You are divinely inspired, most definitely. It is beautiful music, and also very, very powerfully healing.

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