Sound Healing Event Edinburgh


Sun 25th Feb 2018: Sacred Sound Healing – at Old Saint Paul’s Hall, Edinburgh (just up from Waverley Station)

I am delighted to be be participating in this fundraising event organised and supported by Mark Halliday and Claudia Goncalves of the Planetary Healing Centre, Portobello, Edinburgh.

“The founders of the Edinburgh Shamanic Centre and our charity Community Foundation for Planetary Healing are currently supporting Leticia Yawanawa on her endeavour aiding the Apurina  people of the Brazilian Amazon. Leticia is the co-ordinator of the women’s association who defends indigenous rights and women’s rights in the Amazon. The Apurina elders would like to build a centre where they can gather and do healing work with their people. They also would like to have a space where they can teach their healing arts to the next generation. This project will support the indigenous people of Camicua in the state of Acre, within the Amazon region of Brazil.”

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  1. I am soooooooo looking forward to this event Neil! Thank you for sharing your gifts in support of our indigenous people in Brazil! And the good thing is the people in Scotland benefits too! Isn’t that wonderful the way how Spirit works? Deep Gratitude! Claudia Goncalves

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