Sound, Healing, and Energetics

Energetic sensitivity can make life very hard and painful: it also gives us the tools we need to manage ourselves better, and to contribute to raising consciousness.  Sound is just one of these tools: a very profound and effective one.  It’s where I started, and as I have grown over these last few years I have learned  many methods for identifying, managing and shifting energetic issues.  Sound is simply the most natural way for me to move energy.

We live in a ‘soup’ of energy interactions, a myriad of things affecting us in every moment: from the people around us and our local environment, to the wider environment including unseen realms – spirit beings, entities, aliens and space energies.  Then there are our conscious and subconscious beliefs and programs, and past life issues.

The more conscious we become of ourselves, the more we can manage the impact these sources have on us and on our health.

My own journey of growth has been a hard one.  Initially sound work was an eye opener for me, it felt like what I’d always wanted to do.   I presented occasional workshops and led a sounding group in my local area.  Life events triggered things for me, and my energetic sensitivity rose until it was off the charts.   It then became a full-time job over the last 10 years learning how to manage my sensitivity so that I could function again without constant headaches, lethargy, pains, crippling pain like electrified nails in the head.

Its about ‘cleaning up our act’ – clearing our energy systems from all the rubbish which clogs us up, causing us to be (far) less than our potential.   We are constantly bombarded, and if you are sensitive you have to learn how to manage that sensitivity, otherwise life can be very painful, not to say downright dangerous –  energetic sensitivity can kill.

Everyone is affected by these influences, but those less sensitive generally have more ability to plough through without noticing so much. They are still affected, but may not realise the hidden causes behind pains, illnesses, life’s events.  Sensitivity gives us an amazing tool – direct feedback from the things influencing us to how our body feels, so that we can do something about it, raising our consciousness in the process.

I don’t pretend to have the answers, but after many years of hard learning I have developed a useful set of skills for identifying and managing energetic influences, and a “diagnostics suite” –  a library of many of these sources. This is the area I am moving into, helping others to make the shifts.

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