Schumann Resonance – is it changing?

It seems to be a common belief that, as planetary shifts occur, the Earth’s Schumann resonance is changing. Here’s a look at the science of what is actually happening.

What is the Schumann Resonance?

More correctly termed the Schumann Resonances, its the set resonant frequencies of the Earth’s atmosphere between the surface and the ionosphere.  The ionosphere is the ionised (ie electrically charged) part of Earth’s upper atmosphere.  The same as when you blow across a bottle top, the tone produced depends on the dimensions of the bottle.  In the Earth’s case, the ‘bottle’ is the atmosphere, and the resonant frequency is around 7.83Hz, together with the natural harmonics at approximately 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8 Hz (and above, but normally these higher harmonics are very weak in energy).

To complete the bottle analogy, the ‘breath’ which provides the signal comes largely from lightning strikes and atmospheric electrical discharges around the Earth.  These bolts are a source of radio waves, which make the atmosphere ring at the Schumann resonant frequencies.  The strength (power) of the Schumann resonant energy we measure depends upon this input signal, and upon the atmospheric density, which varies with temperature and seasonal influences.  There is always lightning somewhere on Earth, but there are well-known seasonal variations and patterns of lightning storms, which produce annual fluctuations in the measured Schumann resonance.

If the resonant frequencies were to fundamentally change, this could only be because the shape and size of the Earth-ionosphere ‘bottle’ was changing, which hasn’t been observed.  The frequencies do vary constantly due to changing atmospheric pressure and incoming solar and cosmic radiation which affects the ionosphere, but these changes hover around the base frequency which has been unchanged since it was first measured.  These daily variations are usually in the order of +/ 0.5Hz.

So, what is changing?

What changes is the power in each of the harmonics, especially the 2nd, 3rd and 4th.  Usually, the 7.83hz base frequency is dominant, ie has the most energy.  But, at times, increased energy goes to these other harmonics and they can become dominant.  Like a flute player may blow in a certain way that increases the dominance of upper harmonics to give  a brighter sound.

The Heartmath Institute publish a constantly updated chart of average Schumann power in the first 4 harmonics, measured at different sites around the world. This shows that each measuring site has differering levels of assctivity – reflecting local atmospheric and electrical activity.

What is also changing is that higher harmonics are being measured.  At the time of writing (April 24th 2020) we have just experienced a major surge in measured Schumann resonance power, resulting in a measurable reading at the 20th harmonic (156Hz).  This has given rise to claims that the Schumann Resonance has risen to the frequency of 156Hz.  It hasn’t – but, there has been increased power at these upper harmonics.

I totally agree that there are profound changes going on in our energetic reality.  As a sensitive I feel these on a daily basis (they can feel like onslaughts at times).  I’ve been feeling these waves of shift for years, and the intensity is rising.  I believe that these are having many impacts on our bodies and minds here on Earth, however, the evidence is that the base frequency of the Schumann Resonances isn’t changing.  The increased power in upper harmonics may be one of these effects, of course.

We are impacted by many frequencies from the sun, and cosmos as well as Earth-generated, and these all have an impact on us.  Scientific research shows that our DNA acts as an antenna to these sources.  Doing – who knows what?

Why is it important?

We do know that frequencies at the Schumann Resonance are incredibly important to our phsiology and mental well-being.  If the frequency itself was to change, the effects would be dramatic upon us.  We evolved on Earth bathed in this band of frequencies, and our cells depend upon it.  Most brainwave activity occurs within the range of the first 4 Schumann resonances, ie 0-34Hz.  We are synchronised to this signal.  There is a growing body of research showing how our core brain and cellular rhythyms have evolved to synchronise to this Earth pulse.  One danger is that this natural electro-magnetic field is now swamped by the electro-smog of EMFs from radio, wifi, radar, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile phones, which may lead to a suppression of our natural immune system.

The first Schumann frequency centers on 7.8Hz and typically ranges from about 7.2 to 8.6Hz.  The second centers on about 14.2 and ranges from around 13.2 to 15.8Hz.  These closely match the ranges of normal brain-wave beta and alpha states:

  • beta (12-25 Hz)
    Normal waking mind, paying attention to ordinary tasks, mental activity.
  • alpha (7-12 Hz)
    Indicative of a relaxed state of mind, a state of light meditation.
    Interestingly, the average value of this state in humans is 10.4Hz, which is the frequency of the low-power dip between the first and second Schumann resonances.
    Research shows that healers synchronise to 7.8Hz when in a healing state, ie, they are synchronised with the natural Earth frequency.
  • theta (4-8 Hz)
    Deep meditation, access to deeper awareness and knowledge.
  • delta (less than 4 Hz)

Early Russian cosmonauts lost 80% of bone density when they spent extended periods outside Earth’s magnetic field.  To counter this, they developed Schumann wave generators at 7.83 Hz for space flights that overcame this.

Scientists find evidence that your brain can sense Earth’s magnetic Field.
Hearthmath institute (general search)
Heartmath Institute (schumann resonance and psychophysical regulation)

Example Charts

The following charts are taken from the Russian observation system which publishes the chart of live measurements from satellite.  These charts are dated 25th April 2020, showing the data from the previous 3 days.  During this time there was a large spike in power (the white area).  Spaceweather reported the same day on intense lightning storms across the southwest USA, which would very probably be linked to this surge in activity.  These storms in turn are a reflection of the changes occurring on Earth at this time.

How to read this chart:
Measurement time increase across the way to the right.  Frequency increaes down the way, starting with 0Hz at the top.  There are 4 green bands going across the chart, showing the energy in the first 4 Schumann frequencies (the first centred just below 8Hz being the strongest).  You can see that the power in each fluctuates.  When the signal goes white, it is because the sensor is overloaded.  You can see that there is substantial energy at greater than 40Hz; in fact during this recent spike on April 23rd, the harmonic at 156Hz had measurable energy.

Chart 2: Frequency variation in each of the first 4 resonances.  You can see that there is constant fluctuation, within a well-defined range.

Chart 3: Amplitude variation in each of the first 4 resonances, ie an indication of the amount of energy present in each harmonic.

Chart 4: Q-factor variation over time.  This is an indication of the sharpness of the resonance peak.

For a more in-depth exploration of the effects of Schumann Resonance on our biology, see the Heartmath Institute.

9 thoughts on “Schumann Resonance – is it changing?

  1. Hi ‘Wow’, since the above is based on real observation of what is happening, perhaps you’d care to elaborate on what is incorrect. Have a good day.

  2. This is some of the dumbest gibberish I’ve ever read. Pick up a real science book. Start at around grade 3 and move up.

  3. the base level will change when the base level of human conciousness is removed…this will occur very soon and the increase in upper level harmonics is partly responsible.

  4. Hi Gillian
    Whilst I agree that a Pole shift is on the cards, the physically observable data shows that the fundamental Schumann frequency isn’t changing – that was the point of the above article.

  5. The Schumann resonance is changing and it’s due to the brown dwarf system entering our solar system. Nibiru or sometimes called Planet X is having a dramatic affect on Earth right now. The geomagnetic reversal of Earth’s Poles are due very soon, the Polar Shift!

  6. Rick, According to Google – The Schumann Resonance was named by physicist Winfried Otto Schumann who predicted it mathematically in 1952. Any relation?

  7. The large spike (white area) in the Schumann resonance in Mid April was caused by a meteorite shower. It was the remnants of the Thatcher comet. Another large spike occurred on May 6 caused again by a meteorite shower of remnants from Halley’s comet. Other spikes are caused by equatorial coronal holes ejecting field lines into Earth’s electromagnetic cavity when Earth passes directly across them.

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